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Our Product Line

At Jade Ceramics, we are dedicated to providing high-quality automotive products that are backed by science. Our team of chemists are some of the best in the country and are leading the automotive industry with innovation, technology, and detailing expertise. Our in house team researches, develops, and extensively tests each of our products before they hit your shelves ensuring the best experience in application and result. We take pride in offering our customers products that are both effective and safe to use.

Check out the products below to learn more about the Jade Ceramics Line of Products for wholesale distribution and professional detailing and automotive businesses.

Jade Ceramic Car Wash Soap Ceramic Prep Products Professional 1
Jade Ceramic PPF and Vinyl Wrap Business Products wholesale.jpg
Jade Ceramics Interior Detailing Products Wholesale for business.jpg
Jade Ceramic Professional Products for Professional Detailing Wheels and tires Detailing p
Luxury Motor Yacht


Our Ceramic Coatings

Jade Ceramic Coatings are nano-crystalline ceramic coatings that protect automobile exteriors from weather, chemicals, and UV rays from the sun. Jade Ceramics when applied to the exterior of your vehicle creates a deep -like new- shine to your vehicle paint. After having a Jade Ceramic coating applied to the exterior of any vehicle you will see things like water beading and falling off of the surface during rain. If dirt and other contaminants get onto a coated exterior they wipe easily off.

This coating rocks.

Dedication. Expertise. Passion. Science. Technology.

Browse our latest ceramic coating products below. 

Washing and Vehicle Prep

PPF and Vinyl Wraps

Jade PPF and Vinyl Products

Interior Care

Waxes and Polishes

Wheel & Tire

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