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Being A Part Of The Jade Family

We Understand Vehicle Detailing

Our Distributors are talented individuals, and businesses who also understand the detailing world. 


When you utilize a Jade Ceramic Product you can be sure that it was formulated using the highest quality chemicals, and tested thoroughly before getting to your hands.


We blend it and get it to your trained hands. We make our pricing affordable so you can add value to your detailing business. 


Made right here in the USA our products are made periodically in smaller batches. This helps us consistently deliver fresh product to your hands - where as other businesses blend high volumes and bottle old product. 

Our Jade Distributors Are:

  • A well- trained sales force that is familiar with the Jade products and is skilled in demonstrating the advantages of those products

  • Resourceful, and informed. 

  • Committed to have inventory of Jade products on hand

  • Service providers that encourage loyalty

  • Owners of Physical as well as e-commerce store fronts 

  • Exclusive Testers of New Product Releases

Looking For a Place to Buy Jade Products?

Don't See Your Location? 

It's super easy to be added to the map above if you are currently distributing Jade Ceramic Products.  

Just Click the button - Provide your information and wait for your confirmation!

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