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Scientifically formulated ceramic coatings

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Distributors & Private Labeling

Tested & Proven 
Highest quality testing standards

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The Ceramic Coating 
Company for Automotive Enthusiasts

It's backed by science. Our chemists worked tirelessly to perfect and innovate the ceramic coating process. Give your customers the power to add value to vehicles with Jade Ceramic Coatings. 

Add 3 Years Paint Protection

Our Certified Ceramic Installers

Have the power to offer the Jade Ceramic Coatings Warranty to any vehicle they coat professionally.*

Add 5 Years Paint Protection

Quality you can count on

All of our coatings are

Made In the USA. 

Add 7 Years Paint Protection

Proof of Value Added by

Registration through CarFax 

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Sell Jade Ceramic Products

When you become a distributor of Jade Ceramic products - You open up the possibilities for your business to prosper. Click below to learn more about the benefits of adding Jade Ceramic Professional Products to your line of detailing solutions. 

Sport Car

Jade Ceramic Coatings Adds Value to Vehicles

Register Your Jade
Coated Vehicles with


Jade Ceramic Coating Carfax Registration sm.png

Vehicles that are coated with Jade Ceramic Coatings by a Certified installer can register their customer vehicles with Carfax to add value to the carfax report.

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