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How To Become A Jade Ceramic Coating Certified Installer?

With the current state of the economy, the auto detailing business is growing so quickly that the demand for professional auto detailers is increasing by the day. 


The first step to building any successful business is laying the groundwork with proper education.  Here at JadeTM Academy you will be educated on everything Jade ceramic coatings.  Grow your communication skills, and learn sales strategies for increasing your own revenue with upgrades and service. Don’t quite know the best order for product application? Want to learn about how to safely handle all detailing chemicals, machines and accessories to gain maximum efficiency? Most of All- Do You want to make more money? You are looking in the right place! You have the ability and skills to create a successful detailing business by attending the JadeTM CIA.  In order to get ahead in the automotive industry, you must take it upon yourself to learn effective skills, systems, and the industries latest technology in order to succeed in your business ventures. Do you have an entire team to get certified? We Can help you too! 

Not only does Jade utilize a state-of-the-art training facility- We also can come to YOU! Our Certified Installer course is designed around your team, small business owners and other detailing staff members. Once you participate in the training course you will be able to be connected to a base of world-wide professional detailers. 

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